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MUSICPLUSCOFFEE is a music resource brand created by Gina Vidak, a music teacher in Ontario, Canada. Gina had wanted to be a teacher since the age of 4 and there was no doubt that she would become one as she was constantly playing ‘teacher’ with her brother. She began her musician career at the age of 9 when she started taking piano lessons. She was told from the beginning that this was a late start for a child to learn piano and that she would not catch up to other kids her age. This sparked a drive in Gina to work hard, practice and dedicate many areas of her life to music. She was taking piano, theory and history lessons on top of starting private alto sax lessons at the age of 12.


Where Gina really started focusing on becoming a music teacher was in the ninth grade when she saw her high school teacher, teaching and playing every instrument in band. There was no question or doubt in her mind that she wanted to be a music teacher. Gina was part of every band in high school and really focused on her piano playing to audition for university.


She then went on to attend Western University in London, Ontario where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Music Education intending on teaching high school music. When she did not get into teacher’s college for high school, she had to go another route and decided to apply for elementary teaching. Gina attended Niagara University to complete her Bachelor’s of Education and got her license to teach in Ontario.


Once she began teaching music, Gina noticed that some of the resources she inherited from other teachers or resources she found online were not serving the needs for her students and were not as cute or fun as they could be. That is when she created ‘musicpluscoffee’ and started selling her resources on TPT. Gina is inspired by music teachers everywhere and started this business to create, share and help all music teachers all over the world.

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Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my website! I put a lot of time and effort into both my teaching and my business so it means a lot to me that you can here to read more about me and why I do what I do!


I am passionate about helping music educators and that is exactly why I started my business in the first place! Music educators need no-prep printables for their tough days, beautiful bulletin boards and activities that get students excited for music!


Thank you so much again for checking out this site. Make sure to sign up for my mailing list to be the first to know about all things musicpluscoffee and if you ever need anything or want a product customized to your liking, feel free to reach out to me at


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