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API Month Resources & How To Use Them

May is Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month which gives us a great opportunity to honour, celebrate and highlight some important musicians in the Asian and Pacific Islander community in our classrooms. The term "Asian" or Asia itself covers a multitude of countries and ethnicities that include countries in East Asia like China, Japan, Korean, South Asia like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh all the way to the Middle East with countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. The continent of Asia is HUGE and there is a lot to cover in one month which is why although we want to use these heritage months as a way to spotlight, we still need to be incorporating these lessons into our programs all year long.

In this post, I want to share some of the ways I like to use my API Resources. Remember that the proceeds that I would normally make on a resource like this go directly to the Asian Mental Health Collective. Twice a year, I check out much I have made and donate that amount to the foundation. It makes me happy to know that together we can make a difference and help a great cause!

API Growth Mindset Posters

I love growth mindset posters. I know some of the quotes might be cheesy but I think it's nice to have not only the representation around but you never know which quote will resonate with which child. These make for a great display on a bulletin board or if you have some wall space in your room that you want to fill up, put them there!

If you print them 2 or 4 to a page, you can use them as note cards to write notes to your students this month or use the smaller version to line up on your whiteboard to create a border.

You can get this resource here.

API : Scavenger Hunt, Bulletin Board, Posters, Printables

This resource is by far the most versatile resource that you can use year after year with students. When you purchase this resource, you get two different sets of posters, a digital version and printables. Here are some of the ways I have used these in the past:

- Scavenger Hunt: Put up posters around your school for students to run around (though here I mean walk) and find. If you want an outdoor option, put the posters in the windows of your school facing outwards and get students to walk outside to find the posters and write down the info!

- Display: This is obvious but these posters do make for a good display on a bulletin board in your hallway or in your classroom! I love doing displays in the hallway because then staff and students can look at it on their own time.

- Musician Feature: It's always a good idea to have some area either in the room, at the front, or even in your slide show for a musician feature; someone you can point out to and teach your students about within the first couple minutes of class. I find if we talk about a musician and I show them a video of them performing, my students get really into it, they discover a new song or recognize a song without knowing who the artist was.

- Virtual learning: The digital option of this resource is really great for virtual teaching! Even though most kids are back to in person, there are still many of you teaching online (me too! I teach one music class online each week) and one way you can use this resource is with the online scavenger hunt slideshow!

You can get this resource here.

These are currently the only two resources that I have (May 5, 2022) BUT writing this blog post has given me some inspiration and I'll be getting to work this weekend on some updates and some new stuff. I hope you enjoyed reading all the ways to use these resources and consider getting them to add to your music program and help me support a great cause!

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