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Back To School Series: Primary Activities

With our primary students, we want to make sure their first week of music class is as fun as possible to get them excited about the upcoming school year! For my school, this would be my Grade 1 students first time going to the music room so there's going to a lot of excitement and nerves to manage, on top of going over routines.

Some of these activities shared in this post, you will be able to finish in one class and some of them may need multiple classes. That's okay! You'll be getting to know their pace during the first week and their pace might very well change as they adjust from Kindergarten to Grade school life.

What Is A Musician?

Get students thinking about what makes a great musician! With the different printable options, students can explore and have fun creating posters that you can hang up on your walls! Best of all, they will learn that they are talented musicians just like the ones they idolize.

Grab it here.

Sound Walk

If you are finding in your first class that students have got the wiggles and need to move, take them on a sound walk outside or around the school! Encourage them to really listen to the sounds from the world around them and discuss where those sounds are coming from or how they are being made!

Get it here.

Your Name Is A Song

"Your Name Is A Song" is a beautiful book written by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow that you music have in your classroom library! With this lesson plan, song and printables, students can discover how their names are songs too!

Download it here.

Outdoor Musical Scavenger Hunt

Students are using the world around them to discover musical beats in the words of everyday things that see, hear or touch. With traditional and non-traditional notation, all your students will be able to participate!

Check it out here.

My Name Is Music

This is a fun first week of school activity that you can do with your students! Read some of the suggested read alouds and use this flip book to explore all the ways that our names could be music.

Get your copy here.

I hope this post helps you get some ideas on how to plan for the first week of school with your primary students. Remember to keep it fun, do your best and if you make any mistakes: there's always next week!

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