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Earth Day Activities for the Music Room

I love talking about and celebrate Earth Day with my students, even though it may seem a little unconventional to talk about it in music class but there are so many things you can do and ways to bring Earth Day into the music room. This year, Earth Day is on April 22nd giving you plenty of time to prepare some amazing and fun music lessons! Check out some of the things I'll be doing this week to get some inspiration for your own plans!

Earth Day Cut & Paste

This rhythm activity is fun and engaging for students when learning about Earth Day. I'm sure in their homeroom class they will be learning a lot about recycling, renewable energy and ways we can help the environment so in music class, our job is to bring in the fun and creativity! No-prep activities just like this are all in my Earth Day Music Bundle that you can get here.

DIY Instruments

This is a great way to show students that anything can be made into an instrument. Students have so much during the creating process and using their hands to make something that they eventually get to play with. These DIY instruments make for a great take home for students to show their families what they have learned in music class. Pair this activity with videos of The Blue Man Group to show students the real life use of recycled or DIY instruments!

Earth Day Rhythm Match

We all love a good rhythm center music class because it's a great way for students to facilitate their own learning and students like that bit of competition which somehow always seems to naturally occur. (Unless that's just my classes.) Rhythm centers are a great way for students to collaborate and learn from each other. I love incorporating themes like Earth Day into these centers in order to keep students engaged and encourage the flow of learning from their homeroom classes into the music room. You can grab these here.

Create An Instrument Project

I got the idea for this project from my students. They are constantly inspiring me in many ways and the way they inspired me with this one is just too funny. Every instrument we have been learning about in our instrument families unit, they kept comparing them to each other and saying things like "an oboe is just a bassoon and clarinet morphed together" and that gave me this idea!

For this creator project, students are inventing their own instrument while being able to classify it in the family, explain where they got the idea and demonstrate their learning. This is a digital resource that is totally adaptable for in person learning as well with different ways of presenting their new instrument! It's really important to me that my students have options for presenting so that they are comfortable and have the confidence that they can be successful. Check it out here.

Read A Story

I love sharing the story Ada’s Violin with my students because it is such a great story not only about recycling but about a community coming together and the fact that it’s based on a true story makes it even more special. You can check out The Recycled Orchestra’s videos on YouTube for your students to enjoy!

I hope this inspires you to try something new and incorporate more eco-friendly lessons into your music program!

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