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Ideas For Taking Music Class Outdoors

The weather is getting nicer each day in Ontario and all I want to do is get outside! One thing I really learned from the pandemic and want to continue in the future is utilizing my school's outdoor space more. The music room isn't the only space where music can be made. Here are some ideas to jog those creative juices and spend your music classes outdoors!

Singing: You might still have some strict rules regarding singing in school BUT the way around that is to take your students outside! Bring yourself a tuning fork or pitch pipe and get singing!

Take your work outside. There are times between now and then end of the school year when we might be doing some pencil and paper work which is why I have a class set of clipboards so we can take our work outside! Kids want to enjoy the nice weather as much as you do and they can totally manage grabbing their materials and heading outside. I find that students appreciate the change of environment and with the "flexible seating" that the outdoors offers, you may even see changes in behaviour or higher engagement from students.

Found Sounds: You probably have some really nice instruments that you don't want to get ruined outside so do an activity using found sounds that you find in nature or bring your DIY instruments outside! You can also use some indoor found sounds like a cup and learn some cup songs while you are enjoying the nice weather! Possibilities are endless and you don't have to ruin your irreplaceable instruments!

Chalk Activities: Grab some chalk and head outside to create rhythms or a solfege hopscotch like @musicwithmrsdunc shared on IG last year! The school yard can be your students paper and I'm sure there's a lot of pavement to cover with music!

Dance: Do not be afraid to teach your students a dance in music class! Music and Dance are so intertwined that it's only natural to want to incorporate dance in your music class. So take your ribbons, scarves and whatever else you like to use outside for some fun!

Read Alouds: My school has this great space called the "Learning Garden" where there's a bunch of large rocks in a circle and is the perfect space to listen to a story outside. Sometimes if I'm picking students up after recess, I'll bring my book with me and take them to this space first for the story before heading back inside. 📖

I hope these ideas encourage you to get outside and enjoy the weather! Music class is always fun and taking music outdoors can make it that

much more special!

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