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International Guitar Month Book Recommendations

Did you know that April is International Guitar Month? Honestly me neither! It wasn't until joined @musicroomreads that I became aware of the many musical holidays that happen throughout the year and this one is totally new for me! There are so many great guitar theme books out there to share with your students so here are a few of my favourite!

(The links shared below are not affiliate links)

The Story of Rock by Editors of Caterpillar Books

We all know that the guitar is found in many genres of music but a good place to start with your guitar month celebrations is with this little board book that goes through the history of rock music.

With this book you can play a game of "Put A Finger Down" for all the musicians they know / don't know or create a KWL chart where students can share the questions that they have while reading the book. This may be a great place to spring off from for any of your learning during this month! Grab your copy of this book here.

Change Sings by Amanda Gorman and Loren Long

If you haven't already used this book in your music lessons, here's a great opportunity to bring it into your program!

I used this book with my Junior students to introduce our global issues unit. The unit was about writing songs that have to do with a global issue so this book really helped them understand the power of words and music. It inspired many of them with their topic choice and song writing. Grab your copy of this book here.

Forever Young by Bob Dylan and Paul Rogers

Bob Dylan is in "The Story of Rock" book so you can make a direct link from that book to this one right here! This is a visual book to go along with Bob Dylan's song "Forever Young." This book is a great way to introduce this song, get discussions started about Bob Dylan and his particular style of music while having these visuals for better student understanding.

Grab your copy of this book here.

Guitar Genius by Kim Tomsic and Brett Helquist

Your students will get curious about how the guitar makes sound, who invented it and will have other questions that may have some long histories or answers above their comprehension level. Guitar Genius tells the story about how Les Paul engineered the electric guitar in an engaging way that kids can easily understand and enjoy. There's also a few great videos by Insider on Youtube that you can show your students so they can see the construction of guitars to supplement their learning from the book! Grab your copy of this book here.

My Tata's Guitar by Ethriam Cash Brammer and Daniel Lechón

If you are looking for a bilingual book for this month, this is the perfect book to read with your students! It tells the story of a young boy who explores his grandfather's garage and finds a guitar in its case. The boy's dad (Tata) tells him all about the family traditions and memories made when this guitar was played. This is a great conversation starter with your students about where their passion for music comes from or who in their family plays music and what they hope to learn how to play in the future. This book would pair nicely with a resource of mine called "Our Family Song" where students explore a family song and memory that is special to them. Grab your copy of this book here.

I hope you enjoy these titles and incorporate some of them into

your music lessons for this month!

If you read any of these selections to your students and want to share on social media, make sure to tag me @musicpluscoffee so I can cheer you on and share with others as well!

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