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Music Education A La Cart

If you don't follow me on instagram (you really should!) Alessandra from @teachfromthestage and I have been doing a Back To School series where we have been sharing some of our best tips and tricks to starting up in the music room again after having a wonderful summer off and this weeks theme is for music teachers who are teaching on a cart!

Things to consider:

  • Do you have a space in the homeroom teachers room? Is it easily accessible?

  • What consistencies do you want present between each of your classes?

  • What do you need to bring with you in order to be successful?

  • Is there space for materials that always come with you and materials that may change depending on the class?

  • What materials will students us? Will you need to store any of these on the cart?

  • Do you need to bring your own tech or will you use the tech available in the classroom?

Alessandra says: As you teach throughout the first few weeks, think about your processes throughout your classes. What items do you need all the time? Which materials need to be changed periodically depending on the class? How will you collect and keep organized student work? Do you have a place for things like a pencils, paper clips, etc? Can you leave anything in the classroom (so that you do not need to transport it?) You don't need to have it all figured out right away, adjust accordingly as you begin teaching to make your cart make sense for you!

Cart Essentials:

  • Extension cords, power bars, cable converters

  • Class set of pencils, erasers, scissors and glue

  • A spot for your waterbottle, coffee or whatever you need!

  • Lesson materials (instruments, scarves, etc.)

  • A place to store collected student work

  • Your tech (if not using homeroom teacher's tech)

Gina says: You can't leave students unattended to grab something from your office and you can't trust them to get something important so your cart always needed to loaded with everything you need for each class. Some of those things include essentials for yourself like a water bottle. Teaching on a cart can be hectic so you need to take care of yourself throughout the day so you can be there for and ready for your students!

Things to remember:

  • Some lessons that use to work in your own space don't always work outside the music room

  • Teaching on a cart gets easier over time

  • Your allowed to change up your cart throughout the year if something is not working!

  • After some time, reflect on your must-have items and adjust accordingly

  • Consider keeping certain items or materials in the classroom

  • Use your outdoor spaces when you can!

Alessandra says: You are capable of teaching fun, engaging lessons no matter what space you're in! As you settle into the year, you will get more accustomed to your routine including how to prep and maximize the use of your cart.

Like I said earlier, teaching on a cart can be difficult at times but it's all about doing what you can with what you have, collaborating with your coworkers and remembering that music class is fun, no matter where you teach if from!

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