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Music Room Decor Tips

It's already that time of year again! Many of use who were on a cart last year are back teaching in music rooms and I would like to think that a lot has changed since the last time I have had a room. I learned a lot while teaching and living through a pandemic and have gained a different perspective on what I would like for my space. These are some easy things you can do and steps that you can take in order to make your music room set up as smooth as possible.

Get yourself a decor bundle

When I got my first music room, I felt like part of the battle was figuring out what I needed on the walls to make sure that not only the room looked welcoming but the items on the walls had purpose. For example, I always put up recorder finger charts because I know it will be helpful for my students who are learning recorders. I have created multiple decor bundles for your average K-6 music teacher that are cute, trendy and easy to put up! Check them out here.


Go with the flow of your room

I see teachers on instagram with these beautiful white and grey rooms and find myself getting so jealous! The rooms are beautiful and before I felt like it was easier to decorate when your walls are white but I'm here to say: lean into your rooms colours. The room that I'm moving into has black and white boards, along with a dark brown wood everywhere so I'm leaning in and going for some earthy, boho vibes this year! It will look amazing once it's done and I'm confident in what I can find to make the room come together this year!

Thrift & DIY as much as possible

This definitely takes time and if you are into thrifting, you know that going to one place and hoping to find everything you need is nearly impossible. I personally enjoy thrifting and a lot of the time when I'm looking for a basket, some shelving or a board, I can rely on the thrift store to have what I need that doesn't break the bank. And if it requires a little DIY, that's all part of the fun! There's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make something look fresh and new!

Hang instruments on your walls

LOOK HOW GOOD IT LOOKS! If you don't know Darlene you should because she's an amazing music teacher but I've seen so many people do this and it looks fantastic! Amber did it as well and I can't wait to get to school and put mine up! And why not have your instruments hanging? It's easier for students to grab them, easy to stay organized and I'm going to say it again: it just looks so dang good. Hang your ukuleles, your hand drums and your boomwhackers for an amazing display.

Create a music bulletin board outside of your room

The inside of your room: super important. Outside of your room: also super important.

I like to make sure that I have one bulletin board outside of the music room so that the kids can see and feel music throughout the hallway. This is one of my favourite bulletin boards to put up at the beginning of the school year. It shows the top songs from each year the students and staff are born with Spotify codes that can be scanned for listening! Check it out here.

Create a space for your students

This one is HUGE which is why I am saving it for last. As much as I want to fill my walls and space with the most pretty and cohesive images, I still want there to be a space for students to display their work, share something about themselves and feel like that they are part of the classroom too. Leave a wall or a board for students to contribute to the classroom decor and to be able to literally see themselves in the room!

If you like these ideas and use them in your music room, I want to know! Tag me in posts or stories @musicpluscoffee or shoot me an email at!

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