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Music Room Notation Activities for Spring

Spring time always feels hopeful and inspiring with talks of new beginnings and our slow temperature increase to summer weather! It's also the time of year that I go hard on teaching music notation to my students! We talk about and do notation activities throughout the year but this is when I take it up a notch and really get into everything that the need to know. Check out some of the activities below that are part of the Spring Music Notation Bundle. These resources you can either use as centers or in whole group lessons to practice or confirm student learning!

Cut and Past Notation Printables

Don't think your students are too old for some cut and paste activities! It's a great way to gather evidence of their learning and see what they are at! With different notes for each version, you can do this periodically throughout the year as they learning more notes on the treble staff.

These two may look similar but they aren't!

The Spring Fill In The Blank Task Cards are for students to identify the missing letter in each of the spring words! Use little erasers or white board markers (if you laminate them!) to indicate the notes on the staff. A really great center for students to work together and practice their spelling skills! The Spring Music Notation Matching Activity has students matching letters to four notes on the staff. It allows them to see the relationship between notes and you can take it a step further by getting students to play the notes once they have matched them up! Each group of notes has a different coloured border to help you stay organized!

Looking for something digital?

I made this Spring Notation Activities for online learning during the beginning of the pandemic because I obviously had to teach this but didn't know how to go about it without my usually wheelhouse of activities. Many of these are the same activities I use in class, just adapted for online! Students can work on this independently or in breakout rooms to support each other! It turned out to be a success and my students learned a lot.

The Spring Notation Activity Booklet is so much fun and I find usually can be completed in a 40 minute class. I like something like this that can take up just one class so students can take this little booklet home and show their families what they are working on in school! Families often see the results of our hard work in the music class at performances so something like this that can go home can show them some of the things we do leading up to those events!

I hope you found some inspiration and ideas for notation activities you can do with your students! If you want any or all of these activities, be sure to check out my Spring Music Notation Bundle ! And make sure to be following me on instagram for more notation lesson ideas.

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