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Outdoor Music Ed.


YES YES YES! Whatever you are currently doing in your classroom, you can definitely do outside! You can create a safe and meaningful learning environment outside with your students too.

There are so many winter books to read and many of them have to do with the sounds, the snow, and other elements of winter that it just makes sense to experience those elements outside while reading a story.

This is the number one thing that I feel like stops a lot of people from going outside. If you are dressed appropriately, you will stay warm. Snow pants are key! I know that may sound silly or redundant but I used to complain about the cold but it's because I wasn't wearing snow pants and not dressed properly for my outdoor classes.

Yes! Think of snow like kinetic sand. If you are outside on a good day, you'll have packing snow which you can then mould and use as manipulatives. I've got some ideas on how you can use the snow outside in a resource that you can find here.

That is the whole point of this blog! I know trying new things is hard and there can be a lot of uncertainty about whether or not students will enjoy it but you won't know until you try! And I can tell you that my students love it.

If you are interested in exploring more about outdoor music education, check out my Outdoor Music Education Bundle that's filled with tons of resources and lesson plans you can use with your students starting now!


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