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Unsolicited Report Card Advice

I know some of you are in the process of writing them so I thought I would share the process of how I complete my reports. As a music teacher, you may only teach one subject but you are teaching 1000 (extreme exaggeration) classes so it's super important to stay super organized, create systems that work and have a routine for getting your comments ready.

The first thing that I do is go back to my long range plans and look at all the curriculum expectations that I went over this term, making notes on some of the things we did in class to teach those expectations.

For each grade, I write out generic comments for level A, B, C, and D based on the curriculum expectations, keeping the language positive and making it clear what warrants each grade based on the skill displayed/observed/documented. Check out this graphic that I share every year on IG for people to save and refer to at any time.

Once the generic comments are ready, I insert all of the in class examples of the things we did that convey the learning of the expectations. Having multiple examples or evidence of learning for each expectation is how you will be successful in differentiating your comments.

I'm a list person. Can't function without my written out list. So make a list of all of the classes I need to make comments for to keep track of which ones are done and which ones I still need to do.

Give yourself time limits each day you work on them! This is the method that I have used for the last couple years and it has worked for me! I also absolutely HATE writing report cards (I know many of us do) and because I have such a passionate hate for doing them, I will dedicate one weekend day to do them ALL. I know, crazy but I just like getting them all done and out of the way so I can focus on my lessons.

Last but not least: Review. I struggle to get to this part but it's so important to go through and make sure that all the comments and grades are inputted properly. It's honestly the last thing I want to do but it always feels good when you hear nothing back from admin because your comments are good.

Stay tuned for next week's blog post which is a part two of this 'unsolicited report card advice' series about how to set yourself and your environment up for the best report card *vibe* to get them done quickly!

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