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I’m so happy that you are here for the launch of my website! I am so excited for this new endeavour and to create this community of learning. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

W H O ?

Hi! My name is Gina but many of you will know me as musicpluscoffee. I am a Canadian teacher from Ontario heading into my fourth year of teaching music. I have a Bachelor's of Music Education and a Bachelor's in General Education. I am also really passionate about creating inclusive and impactful resources while also keeping it cute! I love all things music and coffee, (obviously!) I am a self-crowned craft queen and I'm just out here trying to keep my plants alive.

W H Y ?

Some may feel this website might be a bit delayed or coming late (just me. I am my own worst critic) but, I felt like this was the next step on my journey with musicpluscoffee. I figured that only a small percentage of teachers are actually seeing my posts and that a website with a mailing list would not only allow me to share some things I am doing in the classroom but, it would allow me to connect even more with some amazing teachers!

W H A T ?

My main reason for this site is to share. I want to share books that I am using in class, lessons that worked well with my students, products that I have found useful and much more! I also want this space to be a place for reflection and professional growth. I want to use it as a tool for us to communicate, a way for you to know what’s up and to get exclusive freebies before anyone else.

If you have read this far, I am sure it means you are here to stay! I would love to see you stay on and be part of this community of learners.

Join my mailing list by clicking here!

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