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Your Name Is A Song

This book recently got A LOT of buzz on instagram lately and I am totally here for it! This book is a lovely first read aloud for the Back to School season and it's perfect for the music room! It is written by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow.

If you are wondering: I don't have this book YET. I have ordered it through a local book store and I'm still waiting for it to come in! That's why I have pictures with the cover only.



This book tells the story of a young girl who has a hard day at school, telling her mother that she doesn't want to go back because no one could pronounce her name correctly. Her mother shows her that every name is a song and she goes back to school the next day singing everyone's name-song and her own.



The lesson plan that I created to go along with this book is ✨ F R E E ✨ and you can download it by clicking HERE!

For this lesson plan, I said that the grade range would be Grades 1-3 but you know your students better than anyone and I figure this really could be used for any grade. I didn't include any standards because I know there are so many different teachers out there who may be accessing this and can determine which of their standards apply to this lesson.

You can see on here that I have included some objectives and prior knowledge to help guide you and help you judge which grades you can use this resource with.

The materials are all physical-distance friendly and I do highly recommend that you buy the book to support the author!

The second page really is the content and guideline for the lesson. I have structured this for a 40 minute lesson but you can totally stretch this out for 60 minutes or break up this lesson to do over multiple classes!

Essentially for this lesson, students are to figure out the rhythm of their name and create a melody map of their name to sing. In the "Practice" section, you will see some options on how you can continue the lesson if you have more time OR you can use some of the other options for future lessons. I always do a reflection at the end of my lessons to wrap up the activity and get everyone calm before they move on to their next class.

The "Beyond The Lesson" section again just gives you more options for future lessons or maybe some music homework that the students can do at home and share with their families!

Here is the printable that comes with this lesson plan. You can see that I only chose to do my first name (you could change the lesson and have students do their last name or both first and last name together instead to get a more complex rhythm) Then at the bottom is my melody map. I made this on powerpoint so I couldn't manipulate the lines in the way I would like but you get the point!

The last page you get with this lesson plan is the lyrics to the song. Part of the lesson is a call and response song where students sing the main part as a group (regular text) and then a single students of your choice (bold text) sings their name in the song.

If you remember from the "Prep" section of the lesson plan, there is a youtube video link that will direct you to a secret link on my youtube channel. In this video, I teach you the melody I had in mind when I creating this song and you can hear it with ukulele accompaniment. I provided you with this page and the chords in case you want to teach your students how to play the song themselves!


I hope you have enjoyed reading this little break down of this lesson plan. Again, this is a ✨ F R E E ✨ lesson plan that you can download from my tpt store. Just click HERE!

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