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Report Card Advice


It's no surprise that these days teachers are working all weekend long to prepare for another week of school while writing reports so I'm here to share some tips about how to work efficiently while still making some time enjoying your weekend:

Have a fun Friday evening. This may seem obvious but I have definitely caught myself doing work on Friday evenings but that just makes my start on Saturday super sluggish and not productive at all. You need a break! Get away from the computer and plan something fun for yourself to do at home!

Make two lists. One list should be you your urgent tasks that need to get done for next week your other list are things that you would like to get done but not super important to get done right away. Focus on your urgent tasks first so that you will feel confident and ready for your week, and then if you have time you can work on your other list.

Time your tasks. Look at each of your tasks and make some approximate AND realistic time frames for each of those tasks. Only give yourself those times to complete each of them.

Work in some breaks! In between each of the tasks on your list, work in some kind of break away from the computer. Those breaks could be a walk outside, preparing a meal, folding laundry, etc. Just something to get you moving and away from the screen.

Listening VS. Watching. I used to LOVE watching a show or movie as I did work but I found myself getting distracted and watching more than I was actually doing work. I have since begun listening to podcasts or music while I do my work, finding myself more focused and productive.

Treat yo'self. Make sure you set up a reward yourself for all of the hard work that you do! Whether it's ordering from your favourite restaurant, watching a movie you have been dying to see or taking a long bubble bath, make sure you take care and do something for yourself!

You deserve it!


You do you! Everyone tackles their weekend work differently and everyone has different levels of what they want to accomplish in a weekend to make them feel good about heading into the next week. Don't compare your workload to others or feel like you have to do more because someone else is doing more.

And just remember that I'm right there with you! Likely writing my report cards the last weekend and documenting my progress (or lack there of) over on IG so make sure you are following me at @musicpluscoffee.


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